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Themed Furniture and Decor

In addition to our official Star Wars™ furniture and decor products, Regal Robot™ will be carrying and creating a range of products to bring theming and style into your home! Stay tuned as we add more in this category in the coming months.  And for those looking for the ultimate in theming and specialized products, scroll down for our Custom Studio service!  Request something truly unique in any number of themes and bring home something made specifically for you!



We create the coolest custom furniture, art and decor in a broad range of themes for clients around the world. We’re putting our artists’ decades of experience creating wild trade show props to good use creating crazy, unique and even one of a kind personalized items for our clients’ homes!

This service is for non-branded themes only, so no movie or comic requests please. (To request custom official Star Wars™ Furniture or Decor, please use this link. ) We’re happy to work in a broad range of themes, such as dinosaurs and animals, sports, cars, tiki, medieval and fantasy, retro-future, rocks and faux stonework, UFO’s and aliens, and styles influenced by Egyptian and other ancient civilizations, just to name a few!

NOTE – our custom service creates ultra-themed pieces.
If you want a “normal” sofa made to a certain size, that’s probably not for us, however…

…if you need a sofa shaped like a dinosaur, a chair shaped like a gorilla’s hand, or desk made to look like a Mayan pyramid, you have found the right place!

Due to the time required to make these custom creations, we only take a limited number of commissioned projects each year.  Submit your custom request for consideration by filling out the form below to begin the conversation and learn what we can make for you!

We look forward to creating with you and helping bring something truly special into your home, office, home theater, man cave… wherever you want to bring the look of a movie set or theme park styling into your life!

How Does the Commission Process Work?


The process all starts with an idea. You’ll commission us to create concept art for a piece of furniture or decor tailored to your needs, space and budget…  and we’ll do it with an eye towards your interests, such as favorite themes or styles.


Once we have created your concept art, we get approval from you, our client. We finalize all of the details of the design and then set a budget for the build. If you approve, we create your piece!


Working from the approved art and within the budget we’ve set with you, our skilled artists create your more-than-made-to-order item. You’ll get in progress photos as your creation is built, and when we’re done, we’ll ship it to you!

Our artists have been creating custom themed furniture for people’s homes and offices for over a decade… what can we create for you?


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